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Mobile Forensic Anjali Singhal / May 10, 2024

Most Common Challenges while doing iOS Forensics

Introduction iOS devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, storing a vast array of personal and sensitive information. For forensic investigators and digital security professionals, accessing and analyzing data from iOS devices poses unique challenges due to Apple’s stringent security measures. In this blog post, we will ...

todayApril 1, 2024


Computer Forensics

Understanding RAID Storage Systems

In this data-driven age, the importance of reliable and efficient data storage cannot be overstated. As both businesses and individuals generate and store large amounts of data, the need for strong storage solutions has become necessary. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a technology that has revolutionized the way ...

todayMarch 27, 2024


Blog + Digital Forensics


Introduction: In today’s interconnected world, data is the currency that regulates our digital lives. From online banking and e-commerce transactions to secure messaging and cloud storage, we share our sensitive information with countless digital systems. However, as the value of this data increases, so does the risk of unauthorized access ...

todayJanuary 8, 2024


Computer Forensics + Digital Forensics Anjali Singhal

The Expert’s Guide to Data Privacy: 7 Advanced Algorithms for Permanent File and Folder Removal

There is no security in deletion. In a file system, deleting a file just deletes the file’s entry (pointer) from the file index. Consequently, the actual data is still present on the disk and is simply retrievable with the use of a simple data recovery program. Thus, before discarding, donating, ...

todayJanuary 3, 2024


Computer Forensics Anjali Singhal

The Ultimate Guide to BitLocker: Security Measures and Best Practices in Forensics

Encryption is critical in digital security because it protects sensitive information. By encrypting entire drive volumes, BitLocker, a widely used encryption solution developed by Microsoft, provides a strong protection mechanism. It assures that even if a device enters into the hands of an unauthorized person, the data is inaccessible without ...

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