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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensic Science?

What are the other specialized forensic science careers outside the crime laboratory?

What kind of Company are you?

What kind of services do you provide?

What kind of training & education do you provide?

What kind of Products do you provide?

What does a forensic scientist do?

How do I become a forensic scientist?

What are the services of a crime laboratory?

When will I know if I have passed or failed the EC Council Exam?

How Can CHFI Help me Become a Skilled Cyber Forensic Investigation Analyst?

Work experience Requirements to Become a Forensic Expert?

Degree Requirements to Become a Forensic Expert?

Hard Skills Requirements to Become a Forensic Expert?

Key Job Roles of a Digital Forensic Investigator?

Is forensic sciences all about medico-legal case investigations?

Who should go for forensic sciences?

What are the different specialisations within forensic sciences?

Is any new branch emerging within forensic sciences?

What are the latest trends in this field?

Can evidence be extracted from PDA ( personal digital assistant ) and cell phones?

What is CHFI certification?

What is the Eligibility Criteria for CHFI Certification?

What is the format of CHFI Certification exam, duration, what types of questions, passing criteria, number of attempts allowed?

What types of digital media devices can potentially hold data?

What are the common situations in which Computer Forensics is used?

What can a Computer Forensic examination provide?

Can deleted emails be recovered?

If someone uses a webmail account like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, is it possible to find that email?

What is does the term “metadata” mean?

Can password-protected files be accessed?

Can deleted files be recovered?