Questioned Document Examination Kit

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Introducing the Hawk Eye Forensic Questioned Document Examination Kit – your ultimate solution for meticulous analysis of disputed documents. Developed by seasoned forensic document examiners, this comprehensive kit equips professionals with the tools and techniques necessary to uncover hidden truths within written and printed materials.

Key Features:

  1. Document Imaging and Analysis Tools:Our kit includes high-resolution document scanners and imaging software designed to capture and enhance fine details of questioned documents. Analyze handwriting, signatures, and printed text with unparalleled clarity.
  2. Microscopy and Magnification:Utilize comparison microscopes, magnifiers, and specialized lighting to examine minute details like ink patterns, paper fibers, and alterations. These tools aid in identifying signs of forgery, alterations, or tampering.
  3. Ink and Paper Analysis:Detect variations in ink types, inks used over time, and identify the source of ink through chromatography and spectral analysis. Evaluate paper composition and watermarks to verify document authenticity.
  4. Indentation and Impressions:Employ specialized tools to reveal indented writing and impressions on documents. These techniques can unveil hidden information left by the pressure of a writing instrument on underlying sheets.
  5. Physical and Chemical Tests:Our kit includes chemical reagents and tools to perform tests for ink age, erasures, alterations, and more. These tests provide insights into the history of a document and any attempts at manipulation.
  6. Forgery Detection:Distinguish genuine documents from forgeries using side-by-side comparisons, advanced imaging techniques, and expertise in handwriting analysis. Uncover inconsistencies in strokes, shapes, and patterns.
  7. Forensic Photography Accessories:Capture detailed images of questioned documents using macro lenses, adjustable tripods, and specialized lighting. Document your analysis with high-quality photographs for later reference.
  8. Training and Reference Materials:Access training resources and reference guides developed by experienced document examiners. Equip your team with the knowledge required to make accurate assessments.
  9. Secure Carrying Case:The kit is thoughtfully organized within a rugged carrying case, ensuring that all tools are secure, organized, and readily available for field or laboratory work.


  • Precision Analysis: Leverage advanced imaging and magnification tools to analyze questioned documents with unparalleled precision.
  • Comprehensive Examination: Uncover alterations, forgeries, and hidden information through a combination of microscopy, chemical analysis, and ink tests.
  • Expert Insight: Equip your team with the knowledge and techniques used by seasoned document examiners to make informed assessments.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Seamlessly integrate your findings with other forensic evidence, enhancing the depth and accuracy of your investigative reports.
  • Confidence in Findings: Utilize Hawk Eye Forensic’s Questioned Document Examination Kit to present findings that withstand rigorous scrutiny in legal proceedings.

Elevate your document examination capabilities with the Hawk Eye Forensic Questioned Document Examination Kit. Uncover the truth within written and printed materials, providing essential support for investigations, legal cases, and truth-seeking endeavours.

Learn More about the Hawk Eye Forensic Questioned Document Examination Kit and how it can revolutionize your document analysis capabilities.

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