Crime Scene Investigation Kit

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Discover the Hawk Eye Forensic Crime Scene Kit – your all-in-one solution for meticulous evidence collection and preservation at crime scenes. Designed by seasoned forensic experts, this comprehensive kit empowers law enforcement professionals, crime scene investigators, and forensic analysts to conduct thorough and accurate investigations.

Key Features:

  • Evidence Documentation Tools: The crime scene kit includes high-resolution digital cameras, professional-grade measuring tools, and scale markers. These tools ensure precise and consistent documentation of the crime scene, enhancing the accuracy of evidence collection.
  • Forensic Photography Accessories: Capture critical details with macro lenses, adjustable tripods, and specialized lighting attachments. Our kit enables you to photograph evidence from various angles and perspectives, revealing hidden details that could be crucial to solving the case.
  • Evidence Collection Supplies: Equipped with specialized evidence collection tools such as swabs, gloves, evidence bags, and sterile containers, our kit supports proper evidence handling and prevents contamination.
  • Trace Evidence Gathering: The kit includes adhesive lifters, tweezers, and specialized containers for the collection of trace evidence like fibres, hair, and glass fragments.
  • Biological Evidence Preservation: Safeguard biological evidence with our comprehensive DNA collection and preservation supplies. Kits include sterile swabs, evidence envelopes, and containers to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Documentation Templates: Access ready-to-use templates for note-taking, sketching, and evidence labelling. These templates maintain consistency and professionalism throughout the investigation process.
  • Chain of Custody Tools: Maintain the integrity of evidence with tamper-evident seals, custody labels, and barcode systems. These tools facilitate accurate tracking and prevent mishandling.
  • Forensic Light Sources: Our crime scene kit features a range of light sources, including UV, IR, and alternate light sources, to reveal hidden evidence such as bodily fluids, fingerprints, and other trace materials.
  • Comprehensive Carrying Case: The kit comes neatly organized in a rugged and compact carrying case, ensuring that all tools are easily accessible and protected during transport to and from crime scenes.


  • Efficiency: Streamline your crime scene investigation process with a complete kit that includes all essential tools for evidence collection and preservation.
  • Accuracy: Leverage professional-grade tools to accurately document and capture crucial evidence details, aiding in analysis and courtroom presentation.
  • Consistency: Our templates and standardized tools promote consistency across investigations, enabling clear communication among team members and stakeholders.
  • Integrity: Prevent contamination and evidence mishandling with our chain of custody tools, ensuring that evidence remains admissible in court.
  • Expert-Designed: Developed by experienced forensic professionals, our kit meets industry standards and addresses the unique challenges of crime scene investigations.

Elevate your investigative capabilities with the Hawk Eye Forensic Crime Scene Kit. Empower your team to uncover the truth, enhance your case-building process, and uphold justice. Discover the power of precision with Hawk Eye Forensic today.

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