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todayApril 10, 2024


Blog Harshita Choudhary


In the continuously changing cybersecurity landscape, organizations face a constant burst of threats, ranging from malicious insiders to sophisticated cyber-attacks. When a security incident occurs, instant and effective response is important to minimize damage, protect critical assets, and maintain business continuity. This is where digital forensics plays a crucial role, ...

todayMarch 18, 2024


Digital Forensics Harshita Choudhary


Virtual private networks (VPNs) have increased in popularity in recent years as more people look to protect their online privacy and security. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, hiding your IP address and making it harder for third parties to monitor your online ...

todayFebruary 5, 2024


Digital Forensics Anjali Singhal

USB Forensics: Understanding the Basics of Digital Investigation

INTRODUCTION In the constantly changing field of cybersecurity and digital crime, USB forensics has become essential to the investigator’s toolkit. Given how frequently USB devices are used in both personal and professional contexts, it is crucial to understand the intricacies of USB forensics in order to find digital evidence and ...

todayJanuary 16, 2024


Digital Forensics Anjali Singhal

How are Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics Related?

In the modern world, everyone relies on electronic devices. Your work, contacts, and personal information are always accessible, whether on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Unfortunately, personal information can easily fall into the wrong hands, which is why cybersecurity and cyber forensics are critical. While both professions try to secure ...

todayJanuary 15, 2024


Digital Forensics Anjali Singhal

The Essential Role of a Digital Investigator: Uncovering the Digital Footprints

In criminal cases, a crucial role is fulfilled by digital investigators who utilize their technological proficiency to collect, analyze, and present digital evidence. With the growing interconnectedness of our world, the digital traces left by individuals engaged in criminal actions have emerged as a pivotal component of investigations.Here are key ...

todayJanuary 13, 2024


Digital Forensic Glossary Harshita Choudhary

Digital Forensic Glossary

A Driver A group of files that enable one or more hardware devices to communicate with the computer’s operating system. Without drivers, the computer would not be able to send and receive data correctly to hardware devices, such as a printer. A Message Digest Algorithm 5 (MD5) Hash An algorithm ...

todayDecember 15, 2023


Computer Forensics Admin

Best Practices for Conducting a Successful Computer Forensics Examination

Practitioners of digital forensics work for a wide range of organizations, including the government, accounting firms, law firms, banks, software development firms, and corporations. Essentially, any organization with a computer system may require the services of a digital forensics specialist. Experts in digital forensics must be familiar with the collection, ...

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