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todayMay 9, 2024


Fingerprint Examination Kanchan Dogra

Fingerprints as Forensic Evidence in Document Authentication

Introduction Document forgery is a widespread problem affecting finance, government, healthcare, law enforcement, and commerce industries. Examples of fraudulent activities that compromise the integrity and authenticity of documents include altered documents, forged fingerprints, counterfeit identity, and forged signatures. Fingerprints provide a unique and reliable way to identify people. Unlike seals or ...

todayNovember 23, 2023


Fingerprint Examination Karunya S

Role of Nanotechnology: Revolutionizing Latent print development

Introduction: The ability to gather, examine, and recognize latent fingerprints plays a crucial role in forensic science when it comes to investigating crimes and bringing offenders to justice. These barely noticeable traces left at murder sites are similar to silent witnesses awaiting discovery. Latent print development has been substantially improved ...

todayNovember 21, 2023


Fingerprint Examination Karunya S

Fingerprint Biometrics: Unlocking the Future of Identity Verification.

Introduction The use of fingerprint biometrics has become a game-changer in a world where digital security is crucial. This fast growing technology has completely changed the identity verification by providing a safe and practical way to access devices, systems, and private information. In this blog article, we investigate the interesting ...

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