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todayMarch 7, 2024


Digital Forensics Harshita Choudhary

IoT Forensic

Introduction: The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly spread into our homes, workplaces, cities, and industries over the past decade. IoT devices like smart home assistants, connected security cameras, wearable fitness trackers, and industrial sensors have made our lives more convenient and efficient. However, this increased connectivity and automation also ...

todayNovember 30, 2023


Document Analysis Kanchan Dogra

Artificial Intelligence in Document Analysis: How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Accuracy and Efficiency

Introduction Forensic document analysis has been a cornerstone of criminal investigations and legal proceedings. Traditionally, forensic experts meticulously examined handwriting, signatures, and other textual evidence to establish authenticity or to detect forgery. The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of forensic science ushered in a new era of ...

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