Audio Forensic

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Audio Forensics evidence can be fraught with complications. It is not unusual for an audio evidence file to have volume or clarity issues. When these types of events occur, audio enhancement is required to assist in resolving these issues. The first step in the enhancement process is to determine the signal-to-noise ratio of the audio evidence. Whereas the audio signal represents desired speech or events, noise represents any unwanted sounds. Enhancement is possible if the audio signal is louder than the noise signal. By processing the audio forensics evidence with the services listed below, our audio forensics experts can help reduce/remove those unwanted sounds.

Key aspects of our Computer Forensic Services include:

  • Audio enhancement & forensic analysis: Audio enhancement and forensic analysis are specialized techniques used to improve audio recording quality and examine the content for investigative or legal purposes.
  • Issuing of certification U/S 65B of IEA: Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act (IEA) requires electronic evidence, including audio recordings, to be certified before it can be used in court in India. This certification procedure ensures that the evidence presented is genuine and meets legal requirements.
  • Metadata Analysis: Metadata analysis in audio forensics involves examining the embedded information within audio recordings to gather valuable insights and details that can aid in investigations or legal proceedings. While audio files may have limited embedded metadata compared to other digital files like images or videos, there are still elements that can provide valuable context
  • Forensic authenticity verification report: An authenticity verification report is an essential document that summarizes the results, procedures, and deductions made after listening to and analyzing audio recordings. For legal or investigative purposes, this report is necessary to prove the veracity and accuracy of the audio evidence.
  • Audio Transcriptions: Transcription is a critical process in audio forensics that transforms spoken words or audio material into written text. For the purpose of examining and recording spoken communication or speech patterns, audio recordings must be transcriptions.
  • Expert witness testimony: Presenting specialized knowledge, analysis, and conclusions regarding audio recordings during legal proceedings is a component of expert witness testimony in audio forensics.
  • Legal consultation: Legal consultation in Audio Forensics involves providing guidance, expertise, and analysis of audio evidence within the legal framework.
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