Crime Scene Investigation Training

January 15, 2024my_locationHawk Eye Forensic Noida

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Date January 15, 2024 H 04:00
End January 31, 2024 H 06:00
Location Hawk Eye Forensic Noida
Address C 38 Second Floor, Sector 65 Noida
Phone +91 92894 59589, +91 97188 88589
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About the event

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is a crucial element of forensic science, playing a pivotal role in ensuring justice and uncovering the truth. Proper handling of a crime scene is essential, as it significantly impacts evidence integrity once other individuals, including law enforcement officials, enter the area. Our comprehensive training covers various critical actions during a crime scene investigation:

  • Securing the Crime Scene:
      • Establishing a cordon and selecting an ideal space to prevent accidental or deliberate interference, ensuring evidence preservation.
  • Documenting the Scene:
      • Sketching and photography for future crime scene reconstruction, capturing essential details for thorough analysis.
  • Identifying and Marking Evidence:
      • Preventing tampering by marking evidence and supporting it with detailed photographs for clarity.
  • Collecting Evidence:
      • Gathering both visible and latent evidence, including items with pertinent information for a comprehensive investigation.
  • Packaging and Labeling:
      • Precise packaging of evidence and clear labeling to guide subsequent investigators or analysts in their examination.
  • Chain of Custody Adherence:
    • Rigorous adherence to the chain of custody, recognizing its importance in maintaining the admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings.

With over seven years of experience in training, we understand the challenges faced by investigators. Minor errors during initial crime investigations in India have led to prolonged quests for justice. Given the country’s large population and the increasing number of crimes, efficient time management in investigations is crucial. A minor mistake can compromise the investigation, evidence, and justice.

Exercising extreme caution from the beginning at a crime scene increases the chances of a successful investigation and the delivery of justice. Successful case resolutions create a deterrent effect, instilling fear among potential criminals and contributing to crime prevention. Choose our CSI training to equip yourself with the skills needed for ultra-careful crime scene investigation and uphold the integrity of the justice system.


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