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Image/Video And CCTV Enhancement Service

Audio and video forensics refers to the acquisition, analysis, and evaluation of audio and video recordings that may be used as evidence in court. Unlike other forensic evidence, recordings can provide real-time account of a crime. But for most crimes, high-quality recordings are not often available, which raises problems such as whether the evidence is authentic and credible. Thus, the main concern of audio and video forensic examination is to establish the authenticity of the evidence, perform enhancement to the recordings to improve speech intelligibility and audibility of the sounds, and interpret and document evidence (e.g., identifying talkers, reconstructing crime or accident scenes, and establishing timeline.)

In this section we offer:

  • Extraction of CCTV Footages from DVR
  • Extraction of Audio/Video files from device (eg. Mobile Phone)
  • Analysis & Authentication of Audio/Video files
  • Enhancement of Images/CCTV Footages
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