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Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible.

In enterprise IT, data recovery typically refers to the restoration of data to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system from a backup.

Data recovery is helpful in many ways whether you are at home or in a professional setting. Your photos, videos, and voice recordings amassed and saved on your computer or an external storage medium can’t be recreated or relived. Data recovery helps you get back those treasured digital memories.

Your business-critical documents, projects, developed software, etc. can’t be recreated easily if they are lost. Data recovery salvages such data and helps prevent monetary, business, and reputation loss. It helps recoup data loss disasters and ensures business continuity.

In Forensic context, Forensic data recovery is the extraction of data from damaged evidence sources in a forensically sound manner. This method of recovering data means that any evidence resulting from it can later be relied on in a court of law.

We provide recovery of deleted data from:

  1. Hard Disk
  2. Memory Card
  3. USB Flash Drives
  4. Digital Cameras
  5. Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android)
  6. Computer (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet)
  7. Optical Drives (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disk)
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