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Crime Scene Investigation

  1. Crime Scene Investigation: Crime scene investigationrefers to science used in determining facts during legal proceedings. The goals and objectives of a crime scene investigations are the collection, preservation, packaging, transportation, and documentation of physical evidence left at the crime scene and to help establish what has happened (crime scene reconstruction) and to identify the responsible person.

We at Hawk Eye Forensic offer:

    1. Initial Response & Evaluation of the Scene: One of the most important aspects of CSI is initial response and evaluation in which the initial responding officer(s) promptly, yet cautiously, approach and enter crime scenes, remaining observant of any persons, vehicles, events, potential evidence, and environmental conditions and preserve the scene with minimal contamination and disturbance of physical evidence.
    2. Documentation of the Crime Scene& Scene Assessment:All activities conducted and observations made at the crime scene must be documented as soon as possible after the event to preserve information as Documentation must be maintained as a permanent record. Also, Assessment of the scene by the investigator(s) allows for the determination of the type of incident to be investigated and the level of investigation to be conducted.


  • Collection, Preservation, Inventory, Packaging, Transportation, and Submission of the Evidence: The handling of physical evidence is one of the most important factors of the investigation. The team shall ensure the effective collection, preservation, packaging, and transport of evidence by maintaining scene security throughout processing and until the scene is released and ensuring chain of custody is maintained.
  • Performing Final Survey of Crime Scene:Final survey of the crime scene ensures that evidence has been collected and the scene has been processed prior to release. In addition, a systematic review of the scene ensures that evidence, equipment, or materials generated by the investigation are not inadvertently left behind and any dangerous materials or conditions have been reported and addressed.
  • And provide Crime Scene Equipment (CSI Kit)
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