Mobile Forensic

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These days, mobile devices are an essential part of the evidence. A person’s personal and business data are stored on his mobile device. Hawk Eye Forensic helps with accurate and advanced mobile forensics services by preserving, recording, investigating and analyzing the evidence.

Key aspects of our Mobile Forensic Services include:

  1. Acquiring & analyzing suspected artifacts: In digital forensics, the process of acquiring and analyzing suspected artifacts entails meticulous steps to collect, preserve, and scrutinize digital evidence from various sources. This methodical approach ensures the evidence’s integrity and admissibility for investigative or legal purposes.
  2. Recovery of deleted data and extraction: The recovery of deleted data and extraction process in digital forensics is critical for retrieving potentially valuable information that may have been deleted intentionally or accidentally. This method employs specialized techniques and tools to recover and analyze data that has been deleted or hidden from various digital devices.
  3. WhatsApp data recovery: Losing crucial WhatsApp messages, chats, or media files can be distressing. Our WhatsApp Data Recovery Services are designed to help you retrieve deleted or lost data from your WhatsApp application, ensuring you regain access to your valuable conversations and media content.
  4. Forensic reporting: Forensic reporting is critical in presenting meticulous and thorough documentation of digital forensic investigations. Our forensic reporting services are committed to providing detailed and structured reports that summarize the findings, methodologies, and conclusions derived from forensic examinations.
  5. Cross-Examination: Cross-examination is an important part of legal proceedings because it allows the opposing party to examine and challenge the testimony of a witness. Our Cross Examination Services are committed to providing strategic and effective methods for questioning and challenging witnesses in order to strengthen your case.
  6. Expert witness testimony: Expert witness testimony is an important part of legal proceedings because it provides specialized knowledge and insights to help courts understand complex technical, scientific, or professional issues. Our Expert Witness Testimony Services provide authoritative and credible expert witnesses to provide expert testimony in support of your case.
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