Fingerprint Examination Kit

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Introducing Hawk Eye Forensic’s Fingerprint Examination Kit – an advanced solution tailored for law enforcement agencies, forensic labs, and crime scene investigators seeking unparalleled precision in fingerprint analysis. Developed by experts in the field, this comprehensive kit empowers professionals to unlock hidden insights from fingerprints, making it an indispensable tool in solving even the most intricate cases.

Key Features:

  1. High-Resolution Fingerprint Imaging:Our kit includes cutting-edge digital fingerprint scanners capable of capturing ultra-high-resolution images. Uncover intricate ridge details and enhance the quality of fingerprint impressions for more accurate comparisons.
  2. Alternate Light Sources:Detect latent fingerprints on a variety of surfaces using specialized alternate light sources. Our kit includes a range of light wavelengths, allowing you to reveal latent prints that might otherwise remain undetected.
  3. Chemical Reagents:Enhance the visibility of latent prints using a selection of chemical reagents designed for various surface types. These reagents react with fingerprint residues, enabling you to visualize prints that might be challenging to detect with standard methods.
  4. Magnification and Imaging Accessories:Analyze fingerprints with precision using magnification tools, comparison microscopes, and imaging software. These tools aid in examining minutiae and ridge patterns for accurate identification.
  5. Fingerprint Lifting and Preservation:Lift, document, and preserve fingerprints from various surfaces using our range of lifting tapes, adhesive sheets, and preservation techniques. Ensure that prints are collected and stored with minimal distortion.
  6. Forensic Photography Integration:Seamlessly integrate fingerprint images with other crime scene photographs using our professional photography accessories. Capture comprehensive images that provide context for fingerprint placement.
  7. Forensic Expertise:Access training materials, guides, and best practices developed by experienced fingerprint examiners. Equip your team with the knowledge required to make informed decisions during the analysis process.
  8. Customizable Carrying Case:Our fingerprint examination kit is presented in a customized, durable carrying case, ensuring that all tools are organized, secure, and ready for field or laboratory use.


  • Enhanced Analysis: Utilize state-of-the-art technology to analyze fingerprints at an unprecedented level of detail, enabling accurate comparisons and identifications.
  • Comprehensive Detection: Uncover latent prints on various surfaces, including challenging ones, through the integration of alternate light sources and chemical reagents.
  • Visual Clarity: Capture high-quality images and magnified views of fingerprints for precise examination, even in complex cases.
  • Interdisciplinary Integration: Seamlessly collaborate with other forensic experts by integrating fingerprint evidence with other types of crime scene documentation.
  • Professional Development: Empower your team with expert-level knowledge and resources, enhancing their expertise in fingerprint examination.
  • Confidence in Results: Leverage the power of Hawk Eye Forensic’s Fingerprint Examination Kit to confidently present findings that stand up to scrutiny in the courtroom.

Unveil the untapped potential of fingerprints with the Hawk Eye Forensic Fingerprint Examination Kit. Experience the future of forensic fingerprint analysis and revolutionize the way you approach investigations.

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