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About Us

Hawk Eye Forensic

Hawk Eye Forensic is an ISO 900: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2014 certified company. We offer full range of quality forensic services, with a focus on providing best value for money to the Indian Criminal Justice System. We are leading forensics solution provider to the Indian local and state police, defense officials, insurance companies and other law enforcement agencies. Hawkeye forensic also focuses on the area of research and training of individuals who are linked with the field of forensic sciences. Our teaching and training is completely based on the international UK and USA standards. We hope we can change the world with the help of education and training of the officials involved in the field of forensic sciences. We are also looking forward to provide contracted forensic support to Delhi Police, UP police and other Police forces from the developing countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria etc. Our work ethics are not restricted to the prosecution, we routinely undertake forensic work for criminal defense lawyers providing expert opinion in the courtroom.

Who We Are

Hawk Eye Forensic is an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified company, which offers full range of quality forensic services, Education and Products with a focus on providing best value for money to the Indian Criminal Justice System. As a firm, we handle a vast range of legal, corporate, and private cases.


Our mission is to provide professional, independent and objective scientific expertise in support of justice and to demonstrate the principles of Forensic Science integrity, transparency, logic and robustness in every facet of our business in order to become the preferred Forensic Science service provider in India.


cyber forensic investigations, mobile forensic investigations, handwriting & questioned documents examinations, fingerprint examination & comparison, audio/video forensic, all form of data recoveries, forensic consultation, various type of core forensic/cyber forensic training and certifications and deals in various forensic investigation products.


We provide comprehensive range of investigation products including Professional Fingerprint Examination Kit, Crime Scene Investigation Kit, Questioned Documents Examination Kit, Explosives detection kit etc.

Meet Our Team

Ashish Singh Kuntal


Director and Forensic Expert at Hawk Eye Forensic, Noida.

Deepak R Handa

Forensic Expert

Principal Scientific Officer (Eq. Deputy Director) & HOD Documents, Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CBI), New Delhi.

Deepika Dubey

Forensic Expert

Ph.D. scholar, Senior Forensic Analyst at Hawk Eye Forensic, Noida.