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About Us

Hawk Eye Forensic

Hawk Eye Forensic is an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2014 certified company and offers full range of quality forensic services, with a focus on providing best value for money to the Indian Criminal Justice System. We provide a comprehensive range of investigation products including Professional Fingerprint Examination Combo Kit, Blood Detection Kit, Semen Detection Kit, Explosives Detection Kit, Optimax Multi-lite, Barrigation Tapes/Cordon Tapes, Crime Scene General Investigation Kit and various types of search lights. We have been providing Products, Services and Training to the Indian Local and State Police, Defense Officials, Insurance Companies and other Law Enforcement Agencies. Also, we offer solutions in the fields of Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Photography, Fingerprint Analysis, Digital Forensics, Handwriting and Questioned Documents, Image/Video and CCTV Enhancement Services.

We also focus on the various areas of research and training of individuals who are linked with the field of Forensic Sciences. Our teaching and training is completely based on the international standards. We are also looking forward to provide contracted forensic support to Delhi Police, UP police and other Police forces from the developing countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria etc. Our work ethics are not restricted to the prosecution; we routinely undertake forensic work for criminal defense lawyers providing expert opinion in the courtroom.

Our Aim

Objective of Hawk Eye Forensic is to provide equal and fare justice to all by providing unbiased results through our expertise.

Our Brand

Declares our purpose as a company and serves as standard against which weweigh actions decisions toward our services.

Our Vision

We are living with a vision of becoming the best Private Forensic Laboratory along with under one roof solution in India by 2021.

 Our Values

Passion toward work, Curiosity to investigate, Integrity of evidence, Brilliance toward services and Ethical Respect toward clients

Meet Our Team

Ashish Singh Kuntal


Digital Forensic Consultant CHFI, CEI, OSTFC, CIRAD 

Jaspreet Singh

Digital Forensic Analyst

Extremely dedicated toward Electronic Evidence Investigations at Hawk Eye Forensic, Noida

Deepika Dubey

Senior Digital Forensic Analyst

Expertise in handling Audio/Video Forensic Cases. 


Richard Anto


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